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Festivals, in all their forms are the most wonderous places on earth. For up to a few days can be lost worshipping your favourite bands and soaking up the atmosphere.

The experience

Listening to very loud music wih thousands of fellow groupies all trying to get to the stage, get to the beer tent or get somewhere...is one of the best times in, well my life and I'm sure yours too.

All that planning

- or not - all that lugging tents, bottles and plastic bags, all the miles travelled, now coming together as you watch Razorlight or the Editors or The kooks grace the stage playing their beautiful brand of succulent riffs and tunes. The day and night spent in the moment, flitting from one thing to the next like a thirsty lizard. Then the lights go down, the stage goes quiet and the trek back to the campsite ensues. But here too you can find plenty to drink, eat and more music you can shake a stick at.

Shiny happy faces

The sheer volume of faces you will meet on your travels will make your head spin. The vast quantities of beer you have somehow managed to throw down your gullet will make your mother cry, and all the sun, or mud, and all the fun and the noise will  make you feel alive to the point of exhaustion.

So in the interest of keeping festivals fine and dandy here are all the tips, tricks, advice and things you'll need to make your festival experience complete.

fESTiVAL news

Keep up-to-date with the latest developments and news about festivals going on here in the UK.

Catch up with the latest line ups, previews and stories from up and coming festivals here in the uk and around the globe.

See what the artists and musicians have to say and see pictures and photos from the events.

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